Macca freezes joint accounts.

All I can hear over and over is “You never give me your money…”  I guess Paul was just so smitten that he couldn’t see what was so painfully obvious to everyone.  Nevermind, I know we’ve all said this many times now.  The Macca-Millstone news is all the same.  It’s just so sad.

Here’s the latest recap from the Life Style Extra.

Paul McCartney has barred his estranged wife Heather Mills from using their joint account.

The Beatles singer View the profile for Paul McCartney on Celebrity Spotlightdecided to freeze the account last week after discovering the former model had taken out “obscene” sums of money over the past month.

A source revealed: “Sir Paul was disgusted by the obscene amounts of money Heather was withdrawing.

“It seems she is determined to spend money while she has the chance before the divorce goes through.”

Heather only learnt of Paul’s decision when she tried to withdraw some cash and her credit card was declined.

Meanwhile the couple’s feud took another bitter twist last Tuesday (01.08.06) when Paul reporView the profile for The Beatles on Celebrity Spotlighttedly changed the locks on their London home.

The incident occurred when Heather came to pick up the couple’s two-year-old daughter Beatrice and was told to wait outside rather than come into the house.

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Happy Anniversary Revolver

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