Yoko Ono to buy up Happy Christmas Billboards

It looks like Yoko is still on the trail of peace.  It seems to me like so many things come full circle for dear Yoko.  Some people would call this recycling, but to me it is more relevant now.  This makes me happy.  Maybe the single will be re-released for the film too.

War is over 1969

Here’s the scoop from Undercover Australia… 

Yoko Ono, the wife of the late John Lennon, will reprise the couple’s 1969 Happy Christmas (War Is Over) war protest in 2006.

The original billboard campaign in New York will be given a global campaign in some of the world’s largest cities later this year.

The Lennon’s conducted the original protest in retaliation against the war mongering tactics of the Nixon administration. The Yoko 2006 protest sends a message to the Bush administration.

John Lennon was hounded by Nixon, who had to try and have the British rock star deported from the USA for speaking out. Nixon resigned from his position as US president in disgrace before he completed his chore.

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