AUDIO: Beatles in Detroit and Paul is Dead

On a Beatle message board I recently came across a few snippets of audio that seemed of some interest.  WKNR, a radio station in Detroit, has archived audio that they have been kind enough to post in “vaults” on the web.


The clip is an mp3 of a complete press conference that The Fab Four gave after their ’64 shows in Detroit. George’s comments about producing records is nice to hear.

  • ’64 Press Conference in Detroit — mp3

Apparently Detroit radio at WKNR is filled with more Beatle-lore, and it looks as they contributed greatly to the Paul is dead hoax

1969 had already seen Americans on the moon, Teddy Kennedy’s Chappaquidick misadventure, and Woodstock. Tricky Dick Nixon was president. Implausible things had been happening all year, and no one knew what might be next. Then, from out of nowhere, people began believing that Paul McCartney was dead and had been replaced by a double. The rumor gained credence on the radio, and for several days there was speculation that Paul was dead. Published accounts of the rumor trace it to an article in the September 23 edition of Northern Star, the student paper at the University of Illinois, then to an anonymous caller to the Russ Gibb radio show on WKNR, Detroit on Sunday, October 12. Also noted is an article by Fred LaBour in the Michigan Daily, school paper of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

I don’t buy the dead Macca theory, but it certainly is a fun thing to read about.  For those who haven’t looked into the Paul is dead hoax…please check out the links below.  They are fun to kill some time with at the least.

Paul is Dead link emporium:


2 Responses

  1. that hole paul mccartney thing was so dumb somebody just made it up come on seriosly grow up even he said it wasnt true it gave me night mares but i know that it isnt true

  2. More than “a few snippets”…the WKNR posting seems to be a full radio show with the press conference and other vintage materials. Maybe 15 to 20 minutes. The ‘dead Paul’ thing is a howl, how ridiculous, but it shows how some fools are gullible when it comes to lies and paranoid conspiracy theories.

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