AUDIO: Rubber Soul REMIX Podcast

I don’t know how many of you are fans of fan-remixed Beatle work.  I know I am.  I love those mashups, OOPS tracks, channeled remixes, and compilations.  I usually see them as massive downloads via torrent files or yousendit, but I have found one today that is easily available through a podcast.

Rubber Soul - LP cover Rubber Soul - LP Artwork

This podcast is a great center-channel remix of the Rubber Soul album.  It’s a great listen, and with these remixes you always hear things you’ve never heard before. 

I also love how the remixer describes track-by-track what he has done on these songs. It’s a great heads up before you listen, and really puts you into the song.  Nicely done.

(Link to podcast is under the cut.)

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VIDEO: Last filmed tour press conference 1966 Part II

Earlier last week in anticipation of me receiving my copy of the Eye of the Hurricane DVD set, I posted a video of the Beatles’ last tour press conference from 1966.  I know, I know they DVD set covers a different tour, but I thought this press conference was interesting, and I know the Hurricane set has tons of ’em.

Beatles Tour press conference L.A. 1966 (Part 2)

For more information on the Eye of the Hurricane DVD set which covers the summer ’64 tour try clicking here

Macca-Milstone news roundup

There’s a ton of Macca-Millstone separation news.  I have purposely been trying to avoid it, but I thought I would throw out all of the bulletins.  There are several links to several stories surrounding the impending divorce proceedings.

Heather hires a PR firm to clean up her image.

Heather Mills McCartney is rolling out the big guns in a desperate attempt to win the PR battle over her increasingly bitter divorce from former Beatle Sir Paul.

In the wake of revelations about her lewd past, Miss Mills has hired a PR team to makeover her disgraced public image.

For she has published no less than seven endorsements from what she calls “good causes” on her personal internet site, stressing her reputation as a tireless campaigner and charity worker.

“We are so grateful for her passion and her tireless efforts on behalf of animals,” gushed Wayne Pacelle, President of The Humane Society of the United States, “and I look forward to working with her in the years ahead.”

Other comments ranged from the more muted: “She enjoys my total confidence as a valued ally and co-campaigner,” wrote MEP Struan Stevenson, to the more bizarre: “The animals are lucky to have Heather on their side,” a spokesperson for Respect for Animals noted.

Meanwhile Juliet Gellatley, Founder and Director of the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation launched a bitter tirade against the media, accusing it of “spite directed at Heather.”

She said: “Heather is not just a working class girl who made good, she is a working class girl who rose above an appalling upbringing to achieve great things – and she was going to be successful whatever she turned her hand to because she has all the qualities necessary.

“That, I believe, is something to applaud not denigrate.”

Source: Daily Mail UK

Paul hires royal lawyer for upcoming divorce trial.

View the profile for Paul McCartney on Celebrity SpotlightThe former Beatle – who separated from the animal rights activist in May this year – has reportedly appointed Fiona Shackleton to handle his divorce settlement.

The 50-year-old lawyer – who represented the heir to the British throne in his divorce from the late Princess Diana – is renowned for her professional attitude and impressive case record.

A source told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper: “Paul wanted the best and belieView the profile for Heather Mills on Celebrity Spotlightves in Fiona he has got it.

“She is hugely respected in legal circles and incredibly tough. This shows Paul is fully prepared if this divorce turns into a bitter battle and is determined to see it through.”

Following the collapse of the couple’s four-year marriage, it has been suggested that Heather, because she never signed a prenuptial agreement, could walk away with as much as £200 million of Paul’s fortune.

Source: Life Style Extra

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