VIDEO: Last filmed tour press conference 1966 – PART 1 and other bootleg vids.

So I have been hotly anticipating my copy of the Eye of the Hurricane 2-disc DVD set from our friends at Picture Perfect.   Those fine makers of wonderful DVD bootleg sets.  They are fully remastered and taken from the best possible sources, etc.  This set contains clips, press conferences, all things Beatles on their US tour in the summer of 1964.

Selected highlights from the Eye of the Hurricane set include:

  • Rare 8mm color footage from Kansas City, Los Angeles and Denver.
  •  Color 16mm concert footage from Chicago. Almost five stunning minutes!
  • Previously unreleased concert footage from Las Vegas.
  • Previously unreleased arrival footage from San Francisco.
  • Previously unreleased footage from Vancouver, Canada.
  • Hollywood Bowl Concert: A completely re-edited/re-mastered version. Not only is the video quality greatly improved, but we have located many missing bits of footage to create the longest and best looking version to date.
  • Philadelphia Concert: Going back to the original tapes, we now have complete songs in place of previous song fragments.
  • Indiana Concert: Again, a completely re-edited/re-mastered version. Several sources have been combined to create a much longer version than previously seen.  Now includes the full version of “If I Fell.”
  • WHK Cleveland Press Conference: Longer than previously seen. Taken from archival tape, not re-broadcast.
  • Forest Hills, New York: Previously unreleased footage surrounding Ringo’s lost St. Christopher medal and its return. Paul is also seen in the footage.
  • U.S. Departure: Previously unseen outside interview and plane departure also includes raw footage from the return to Heathrow Airport.
  • BONUS TRAX: Previously concealed footage of “I Should Have Known Better” from Granada TV’s Scene at 6:30. Contains both dress rehearsal and complete performance!     

Also, check out the other Picture Perfect sets, if you can get your hands on them they are well worth it, the Get Back/Winter of Discontent set is awesome for all of you Let it Be era fans!

In anticipation, here’s some older tour press conference clips from 1966.  I’m posting the videos in 3 parts over the next few days, so keep your eyes and ears open. 

Anyway, I have been in the mood to see some live footage, press conference clips, anything surrounding Beatle concerts.  I have always been more of a fan of the studio outtakes, but lately I have been focusing on the live performance and all things Beatles-hysteria which include the press conferences.

My friend sent me a youtube link to the last offical Beatles US tour press conference in Los Angeles California from the 1966 tour.  I found it very fun to watch, and love some of the boring (at least by 1966) softball questions that those reporters threw out there.  No wonder they got sick of the touring rat race. ENJOY!

(Video is under the cut).
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