War of the Maccas continues on…the lengthy article update.

Here’s the latest from the UK Daily Mail.  It looks like our loveable, and cuddly Sir Paul has grown a set of steel ones, and put his foot down in the coming divorce proceedings.  Here’s what the Daily Mail has to say about the sad state of the Macca marriage…

When they first split, Paul was devastated and Heather was set to walk away with £200m. But now he’s fighting back – dictating every detail of their break-up while she falls apart 

Nothing more starkly illustrates how changed Sir Paul McCartney has become towards his estranged wife than his current domestic arrangements.

Heather stays at his country estate with their daughter Beatrice on such days as it suits him to reside at his London townhouse. When he gives notice that he is travelling down to East Sussex to spend time with two-year-old Beatrice, Heather must on no account be anywhere on the property by the time he arrives.

She is effectively banished until Sir Paul returns to London.

So Heather must return to her £2 million beachfront property in Hove, even though, depressed, worn down and humiliated by the relentless raking up of details of an allegedly highly colourful past, she finds life there a torment.

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The US vs John Lennon more insights and info.

It looks like the US government had it in for Mr. and Mrs. Lennon back in the 70’s.  With increased US surveillance on terrorists, it’s interesting to think what the Lennons would do today if they were in activist mode. Surely, they would be the loudest critics against the war in Iraq.  Here’s what the UK Independent has to say about the upcoming Lennon protest flick.  I can’t wait to see it. 

John Lennon outraged ordinary Americans with his remark that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. He angered the American authorities almost as much after he set himself up in New York and openly criticised the war in Vietnam.

Only now, however, is it being fully revealed how the authorities in Washington spent years amassing a dossier of evidence against the most outspoken Beatle with the sole aim of ejecting him from the United States for good. The evidence is to be exposed in a new film by the team behind Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore’s documentary opposing George Bush’s “war on terror”.

The Lennon movie, which opens in US cinemas in September, will embarrass the agencies which unsuccessfully tried to block his stay. Not only does it portray the full extent of the plotting against him, it also exposes the amateurish incompetence with which it was conducted. At one stage, secret FBI files compiled to demonstrate the threat he represented did not even record his correct address, despite the claim that he had been under “constant surveillance”.

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