Lennon appears on “Grudge Report.” Updates on documentary film.

In an awesome PR move the promoters for the upcoming and eagerly anticipated Lennon documentary movie, they have fashioned the Lennon film site to resemble, parody, the daily news digest the Drudge Report.  It is smartly done with various Lennon links and his peace movement in the 1970’s.  Click all the links there to see everything from film clips to book sites, to links to his FBI files. I can hear Matt Drudge smirking…Here’s the news bite we found from rawstory news.

A Website for an upcoming John Lennon documentary, “The U.S. vs. John Lenon,” mocks the conservative leaning Drudge Report, calling itself “Grudge Report,” RAW STORY has found.

The film’s distributor Lion’s Gate purchased the site domain for theusversusjohnlennon.com back in February, but the site apparently didn’t go live until a few weeks ago.

“‘JOHN LENNON’ PARAMOUNT/LIONSGATE MOVIE CAMPAIGN MOCKS DRUDGE REPORT,” reads a headline at Drudge Report posted Wednesday night.

Movie Web noted the copycat aspects of the promotional Website a few weeks ago.

“This is pretty weird,” wrote Brian Gallagher for Movie Web. “The site opens up to a “Grudge Report” site, that is obviously mocking the Drudge Report site, that has a bunch of little Lennon-related links on it.”

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