VIDEO: Beatles reunion at Cirque du Soleil premiere

Well we’ve finally found the video taken at the Cirque Du Soleil premiere.  It is like a family reunion, forget band reunion.  It is so good to see everyone so happy and looking so well.  If we find more, we’ll post ’em for you!

Beatles family reunion in Vegas

(More video/photo links under the cut.)
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Beatles final sessions stolen UPDATE.

I believe this story is actually a follow-up to the story that appeared in 2003 about stolen session tapes from the Get Back/Let it Be sessions.  I remember seeing it as a cover story in Rolling Stone magazine, but I may be mistaken.

Haven’t we Beatle bootleg collectors heard most of these sessions?  I wonder what else is in these tapes that’s revealing at all that we haven’t heard? 

Here’s a link to those stories back from 2003.  And another link to the story in 2003 from yahoo music online.

Anyhow here is the latest news fresh from the BBC:

Stolen tapes of The Beatles’ last recording sessions were put up for sale for £250,000, a court has been told.

The 504 tapes contain about 80 hours of material, including 200 cover versions, Southwark Crown Court has heard.

Nigel Oliver, 55, from Slough, is on trial on charges of handling stolen goods. He is accused of trying to sell the tapes on behalf of two unknown men.

He has been found unfit to plead. The lost 1969 recordings were recovered in an undercover operation in 2003.

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