Guitar that saw birth of The Beatles up for auction.

Paul McCartney is reunited with the Rex acoustic guitar, the first he ever played Here’s the latest in the ever growing series of beatle-related auction items that your favorite Beatle blogger can never in his wildest dreams even think about affording.  A boy can dream and salivate can’t he?

The first guitar that Sir Paul McCartney held and played is expected to fetch more than £100,000 when it is auctioned at Abbey Road Studios this month.

The Rex acoustic instrument is owned by the Beatle’s school friend Ian James, who taught McCartney his first chords in his back garden in Liverpool.

The guitar is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Sir Paul, confirming the provenance of the guitar, something he rarely does.

Mr James, now 64, a salesman, of Ormskirk, Lancs, and a father of two children, is selling the guitar to fund his retirement.

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