VIDEO: John Lennon inventor of the ipod parody(continued…)

Remember the wonderful video parody stating that John Lennon invented the ipod we posted way back in May?

Well, those awesome O! News guys have made an update to the John Lennon inventor of the ipod video.  Look at this Apple lawsuit video, coupled with the Oscar update video (with an appearance by Paul McCartney in the Oscar segment.) The guy who does the Alan Alda impression is awesome and sounds just like him.

Also, they have made a commercial for the Beatlebox (John Lennon invented ipod) complete with an Apple logo. 

It’s all hillarious stuff.

John Lennon inventor of the ipod update/Oscars

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AUDIO: LIVE at Shea Stadium

One of our favorite mp3 blogs has once again come through with posting a great live Beatles bootleg.  This time around it is the live recording of the Shea Stadium concert in August 1965.  (Prior to this bootleg it was the Hollywood Bowl.)

You know my uncle just told me a week ago that he was actually at this concert and he was 10 years old.  Why did he never tell me prior to a few weeks ago…anyhow.  Enjoy the show ladies and gentlemen!!!

(Links to the mp3 files are under the cut.)

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Beatles “mashups” a treat for local (Ohio) engineer.

Daily Beatles news is such a treat for me.  To have daily Beatles news that has a local connection is dually exciting.  Here’s a story about a local sound engineer and the exhilaration of working directly with The Beatles.  I’m so jealous…here’s a little news from the Akron Beacon Journal.

Jason Pritchard is sound engineer for Cirque du Soleil's new show, 'The Beatles LOVE,' in Las Vegas. Pritchard is from the Cleveland area.

Laboring alongside Sir George Martin, the Beatles’ original producer, is a real treat for audio engineer Jason Pritchard, a Cleveland-area native.

Pritchard, the head of audio for Cirque du Soleil’s newest show, The Beatles LOVE in Las Vegas, has collaborated with the famed producer and his son, Giles Martin, since last fall to create the new show, which opened at the Mirage last Friday.

“It’s just really incredible working with these guys in the studio every day,” Pritchard said.

Working with the entire Beatles archive from Abbey Road Studios, the Martins have created “mashups” of the band’s original works. “The different elements of songs are taken apart and put together to create something new,” Pritchard explained.

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You say it’s your birthday…

Happy Birthday Ringo!