Ringo gets emotional

Who knew that Ringo was the emotional one?  I have heard that the Cirque de Soleil show is quite an emotional and often sentimental affair, but one Beatle really took it to heart and it effected him greatly.  Here’s what we’ve heard from Virgin.net.

Former Beatle Ringo Starr admitted he felt “emotional” after attending the premiere of a new musical about the Fab Four.

Starr and fellow surviving Beatle Sir Paul McCartney attended the first performance of ‘Love’ in Las Vegas along with the widows of John Lennon and George Harrison – Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison.

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Love is all you Yoko and Paul need, more reports.

It’s so nice to see them patching things up, at least for one evening.  Here’s the recap on the Yoko/Macca love-fest at the LOVE premiere.  Here’s what the Daily Mail had to say:

Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono

Maybe he was moved by the lyrics he had just heard. Or perhaps he didn’t recognise her under that hat.

Whatever the reason, no one expected the warmth of the greeting between Sir Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono at the weekend.After the first night of a Beatles-inspired stage show called Love in Las Vegas, Sir Paul took the stage and kissed Yoko on the cheek.

It was a very public reconciliation for the two who have fought a bitter battle over the Beatles’ legacy for more than three decades

Source: UK Daily Mail

VIDEO: LOVE premiere red carpet interviews.

After all of the red carpet photo-ops, it’s nice to see some video of the red carpet walks, interview banter, and hugs (mostly from Paul) courtesy of the KLAS Vegas TV website.

Anyway, here’s some video of the opening, and all that red carpet goodness that we are all jealous over because we wish we were there.
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