VIDEO: Cirque du Soleil

Here’s the preview from the Beatles Cirque du Soleil LOVE show in case anyone missed it.  It looks like someone put together a B-roll all of the montages from various places that have been floating around the internet.  Maybe it is an extended promo.  Hopefully we’ll have some video of the extended Beatle family from the premiere once we find it!

Here is a link to various interviews from the Cirque creators, George Martin, and other behind the scenes people for the show. 


Beatles butchery revealed & other audio commentaries by John Lennon

It looks like The Beatles most controversial album cover that never was is going to be in the spotlight in an upcoming art show in the National Art Gallery in London. Also, look under the cut and hear some audio clips of a Lennon interview where he talks about those Butcher photo shoots.

Butcher Cover for Yesterday and TodayOne of the various trunk covers for Yesterday & Today

Here’s more info about the show from the UK Guardian:

It seemed like a wonderfully subversive idea at the time. An album cover with the Beatles as butchers, complete with raw meat and decapitated plastic babies.

John Lennon thought it was a hoot, and would dispel the band’s clean and chirpy image. However, George Harrison thought it was sick.

The Beatles’ famous butcher cover went out on their 1966 American album Yesterday and Today but was quickly withdrawn after the horrified reaction of retailers and radio stations.

Rather than pulp the covers, the record company pasted another picture of the band around a luggage trunk on to the butchers cover.

As news of this spread, fans tried to peel off the new cover, with varying degrees of success.

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