LOVE in review.

This is one of the most thorough reviews of the Vegas beatles shows that I have read.  Very well done.  Thought you all would enjoy. It comes from the UK Guardian.

Sitting in the audience waiting for Love to begin, I have little idea what to expect. Only that it’s going to be ‘a big deal’. I’ve heard the drum roll – the first-ever release of the Beatles catalogue for a theatrical production (it’s never been licensed for film either). Two years and $150 million in the making. A partnership between the Beatles, Cirque du Soleil and the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas. That’s three entertainment giants rolled into one show. When they announced the project in 2004, each giant issued a statement about how happy they were to work with fellow giants. It was like a corporate merger.

Certainly, the show seems extravagant from the off, in that overblown Cirque style – acrobats swinging about on ropes, outlandish sets and a ‘wow’ stage of movable platforms. The old Siegfried and Roy stage was razed after their tiger went for Roy’s throat, and the new Love stage was built from scratch, in the round. No expense has been spared (this is Cirque’s fifth Vegas show – they hope it will run for years). Projections fill the back walls and the gauze screens that drop down from the ceiling. The cast is vast, the costumes are wacky.

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Events slated to mark anniversary of Beatles 1966 Tokyo visit.

The Beatles visited Japan in June and July 1966 and gave memorable performances at the Nippon Budokan hall in Tokyo.

This year various commemorative events are scheduled in Tokyo to mark the 40th anniversary of the legendary band’s visit.

Capitol Tokyu Hotel in Chiyoda Ward, which was the Tokyo Hilton when the Fab Four stayed there, is planning some events, including a “Beatlemania” stay in which guests can book the presidential suite, the band’s room 40 years ago, at about 115,000 yen per night, a quarter of the regular charge, in August.

The suite’s furniture, including tables and lights, are almost the same as before, according to the hotel.

“We would like to offer a last chance for fans to stay in the suite before the hotel is torn down,” said spokesman Takanori Yasuoka.

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Just a quick note.  This site has a pretty good article on opening night of the LOVE show in Vegas.  It also has some great behind the scenes shots of some of the performers.  Happy weekend!

Source: AOL Journals, City Guide