Dhani Harrison talks about being the son of a Beatle.

There is some talk lately that three Beatle children will release albums this year. We are anticipating releases from Sean Lennon, there are whispers of an upcoming album from Julian Lennon, a follow-up to the fantastic Photograph Smile, and a politically charged, yet humorous release from Dhani Harrison’s new outfit, The NewNo2.  You’ll get it if you are a fan of The Prisoner.

In thoughts of this explosion of beatle-offspring creativity, I found this article which reminded me that these guys are kids to those Beatles that we love, and that amidst our uber-fandom, these guys call our loveable Beatles “dad.”  It is a sometimes painful reminder that our Beatle heroes are all too human.

Anyway, here’s what the All Headline News had to say about Dhani Harrison and his thoughts on being the son of a Beatle:

George Harrison’s son has revealed classic Beatles hit “Yellow Submarine” has ruined his life.

Guitarist Dhani has admitted listening to the song, recorded by his late dad’s band, brings back painful memories for him from his school days.

He revealed to Britain’s ES magazine, “I was always brutally teased for being George Harrison’s son. That was from the age of about four or five, before I even knew who he was. And for seven years people would follow me about school singing ‘Yellow Submarine.’ I still can’t listen to that song to this day.”

The 27-year-old also described how all the Beatles’ children regard themselves as one big family.

He said, “We’re like an extended family. But the one I see most is probably Stella McCartney.”

Source: All Headline News


21 Responses

  1. I can’t wait for all those releases… we know for sure Sean’s second album is coming out this Sept.

  2. that’s so refreshing to hear the beatle kids are good friends. and i’m getting excited about sean’s new album!!

  3. i just heard Dhani Harrison is going to be on a special on Vh1 about this band Platinum Weird. i was reading that it was Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics first group in the 70s that never released their album back then, and now they’re doing a special on them.

    anyone else heard about this?

  4. I heard the same thing, Borat, but I didn’t know if it was official or not… is it?

  5. Yes, I have heard about the special. According to sterogum, here’s what we can tell about the Platinum Weird VH1 special…

    The Platinum Weird being unleashed on us this summer is Dave and singer Kara DioGuardi, who has written songs for Kelly Clarkson, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton. So that’s why the starlets agreed to cameo in a painfully authentic looking rockumentary premiering on VH1 7/5.

  6. Oh man I really do hate when they said “it ruined his life”….that blew that way out of proportion.


  7. I agree with Ash, it’s like “get over it already”. It’s a song, from a really famous band, that your dad happened to be in. I doubt any of these “poor” famous kids would change places with one less than what they’ve got or had *rolls eyes*. Boo hoo, someone sang “yellow submarine” to me when I was a kid. Grab a tootsie pop, work your way to the center and try to get some therapy for your “painful” past.

  8. Si hicieran un dueto sería grandiso mientras que no metan al niño fresa e hijo de papi que es James Louis McCartney Jr.
    Pero Sean y Dhani son más sencillos y grandes músicos.
    Dhani puede hacer la parte de le guitarra y ean como bajero.

  9. I bet he does see Stella the most- I bet he does 😉

  10. love to see my favorites beatles’ sons together, some like seeing george and john together by these days … george was 3 years younger than jhon, now its the same story with dhani and sean… and they re very much like their fathers………..mmmm

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  13. To Michelle and Ash ~Re Dhani’s comment about Yellow Submarine: If you’ll go back and read it again, you might find that Dhani was just playfully saying the song ruined his life. I really don’t think he would say he was traumatized by it. The Beatles were famous for making fun of things like that. I’m willing to bet their kids have inherited the same fun sense of humour.

  14. wonder if dhani/ james mc/ sean/julian and zack ever thought of getting together as the second coming 🙂

  15. My favorite Beatle is George…now I’m in love of his son.. Dhani he is so cute… and I just listen his song “Choose What You’re Watching” and it really sounds great…love him

  16. Hola: mis felicitaciones a Dhani por seguir la trayectoria de su Padre George.

    Lo vi por primera ves en el homenaje a George harrison el Inglaterra.

  17. I was just reading this page and looking at the picture while listening online to wzlxfm.. when..
    I heard jonh lennon’s voice saying.. he is looking forward to death in the same way that he is looking forward to birth, and that he doesn’t want to be killed but to die a natural death..
    from the station’s rock’s 100 greatest moments.
    I just had to share it. “,

  18. Pardon my nitpicking here; but as a fan of cult classics I have to say that “The New No. 2” is actually a reference to “The Prisoner,” not “Doctor Who.”

  19. Ohhhhhh my Gosh Dhani looks so much like his dad (in the best ways!) it’s almost scary! Everyone thinks that Sean looks like his dad, but I think you see more of Yoko in him than he gets credit for.

  20. Do you think these wonderful, talented kids will come together and form a group….

  21. I Will have to come back again when my class load lets up – even so I am taking your RSS feed so I can read your site offline. Thanks.

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