Dhani Harrison set to hit Coachella.

Not only will Paul McCartney be playing Coachella, but George Harrison’s son Dhani will be playing Coachella with his band thenewno2.

Get more info about thenewno2 at Dhani Harrison’s offcial website, and also thenewno2′s Myspace page.

Tickets for Coachella are on sale now and can be purchased through the festival’s website or Ticketmaster.

Lost Harrison audio interview unearthed.

It seems that a recently unearthed interview with George Harrison is pushing Martin Scorsese to move on his planned George Harrison biopic.  From what we have gathered about this alleged interview, George really hangs it all out in this interview.  For someone who was known to be relatively quiet and reserved in the public eye and with interviewers, this is a refreshing find.

it is more a move that you’d expect from John lennon, ala his famous Rolling Stone interview done after The Beatles broke up.  George is candid, honest, and open to talking about all topics that are on his mind.  Hopefully, this interview will make its way out into the public, or at least in the new film. 

We’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Details of a revealing interview with Beatles guitarist George Harrison have come to light after 40 years.

The reel-to-reel tapes have been stored by former journalist Miranda Ward since she talked to Harrison in 1967.

Film director David Lambert, who has heard the recordings, said: “It was really the meaning of life according to George Harrison in 1967.”

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Olivia Harrison is torn over decision to release Carnival of Light.

Well folks as more and more momentum, and new about the long-talked about Beatles’ the long lost Beatles track, Carnival of Light, comes out.  It seems that not everyone is as excited to release it.  We all know quite well that George Harrison had reservations about putting this track on the Anthology project, and his dissent it what nixed us from hearing it all those years ago.


As more and more news comes out, Olivia Harrison is voicing concerns of her own about the track itself.  We all know that all Beatle projects need to be voted on unanimously amongst all of the powers that be.  We could be waiting even longer to hear this track, unless Olivia changes her mind.  Hopefully, we will all get a chance to hear the lost legendary track.  For now the rumor mill continues, and we wait even longer.

Here’s what we’ve read.

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY’s plan to put out an unheard BEATLES’ track has been dealt a setback – his former bandmate GEORGE HARRISON’s widow OLIVIA is reportedly undecided about agreeing to its release.

McCartney announced earlier this week (17Nov08) he wanted fans to finally hear the Fab Four’s 1967 experimental tune Carnival of Light.

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Dhani Harrison’s band show to be streamed tomorrow over myspace.

Fresh off releasing their new CD, Dhani Harrison and his band of wonderful musicians will be hosting a free video streaming event from their myspace page tomorrow.  Exciting news indeed folks!  I certainly hope that one of our web savy readers out there can capture this and get it onto a DVD.

Here’s what we’ve read.

TUNE IN ON TUESDAY NIGHT FOR STREAMING VIDEO OF THENEWNO2 LIVE FROM THE KEY CLUB…. stickcam thenewno2 just plug that in to your search engine, sign in and view thenewno2, crazy tuesday….. see you there !

Source: http://myspace.com/thenewno2

New UNCUT magazine features George Harrison

The August issue of UNCUT Magazine features George Harrison on the cover.  The articles are a nice little feature on the “quiet” Beatle and his life.  You get a myriad of perspectives on all things George Harrison.

The magazine also has a great CD of other artists performing George Harrison songs, it’s also a nice little audio treat, and possibly a future collectible.  Here’s the track listings:

1. If I Needed Someone — Show of Hands (2006)
2. Put Your Cat Clothes On — Carl Perkins (1956)
3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps — Damon & Naomi (2005)
4. Bye Bye Love — Everly Brothers (1957)
5. Hong Kong Blues — Hoagy Carmichael (1939)
6. Go Go Go — Roy Orbison (1957)
7. Long Long Long — Tanya Donelly (2006)
8. Good Rockin’ Tonight — Elvis Presley (1954)
9. Isn’t It A Pity — Galaxie 500 (1989)
10. Roll Over Beethoven — Chuck Berry (1956)
11. Something — John Howard (1996/2008)
12. Long Tall Sally — Little Richard (1956)
13. Here Comes The Sun — Voodoo Glow Skulls (2004)
14. Within You, Without You — Rainer (1994 live)
15. I Told My Baby With The Ukulele — George Formby (1932)

New Dhani Harrison album will be available on iTunes.

Dhani Harrison’s upcoming full-length album with his group thenewno2 will be available on iTunes on August 1st.

We have heard several tracks on their official myspace page, and there are bits of a lot going on in there.  There are nods to the slide playing of Dhani’s late father, with a rock beat, and even some New Wave-ish sounds as well.  It’s a brilliant mish-mash of sounds that is completely fresh and new.  So far, we have loved every bit that we have heard.  We cannot wait for the album!

Also, Dhani and his magnificent band will be making a series of free live appearances in the near future in the Los Angeles area.  Maybe this is a pre-cursor to a club tour.  We will keep you posted.

Sep 2 2008 9:00A
Key Club Los Angeles, California
Sep 9 2008 9:00A
Key Club Los Angeles, California
Sep 16 2008 9:00A
Key Club Los Angeles, California
Sep 23 2008 9:00A
Key Club Los Angeles, California
Sep 30 2008 9:00A
Key Club Los Angeles, California

Sir George recipient of “Starry Night” award from Recording Academy.

The world is getting ready to celebrate.  OK, the Grammy world is getting ready to celebrate, and honor a genius in their ranks.  When George Martin retired he was honored with a huge book, boxed set, and tribute album from musicians and celebrities.  This time around, George gets the star-studded dinner treatment.  It looks like all the folks from the Beatle clan will be in attendance as well. 

We are not sure if they all will be there in person, but at least they will stop-by through a video conference.


Hopefully, someone will be able to capture/record the multimedia piece of the evening, about the making of Sgt. Pepper. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

On July 12, The Grammy Foundation will honor Sir George Martin on the USC campus. It is the signature, annual “Starry Night” – a special benefit dinner and concert. Sir George is a legendary, six-time GRAMMY winner, and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1996. He is best known to the world as “The Beatles” who signed them, and produced and arranged most all Beatles records. The president of the Grammy Foundation and The Recording Academy president/CEO Neil Portnow will present the award to Martin on “Starry Night.” “Throughout his legendary career, Sir George has had an impact on music and popular culture that is immeasurable,” said Portnow. “We look forward to paying tribute to a man who has had an indelible influence on generations of music lovers around the world.”

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VIDEO: Dhani Harrison interview on myspace.com with facial hair…

Dhani Harrison of thenewno2 sings the music industry blues, the frustration of free music and the benefits of doing everything yourself via the internet.  It looks like Dhani has adopted his father’s 1970′s style mustache.  If you haven’t heard his new group’s music, it’s refreshing to hear.  It’s original, and quite the unique mix of styles, electronic and rock.  Quite surprised at how much I like it.
God, we hope he tours the U.S. this fall, as rumors tell us.  Plus, we know how much you ladies like to feast your eyes on the young Mr. Harrison, some will find the ‘stache super sexy, others may not…you be the judge.

Queen admires garden for ex-Beatle.

Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl, and apparently she had somethings to say.  You see the Queen has always been a Beatle fan.  She has been one of The Boys’ biggest supporters since day one.  The Queen was able to exchange words with Olivia Harrison, and pay respect to George Harrison.

Our Beatle loving gardeners in the UK are able to enjoy this unique homage to one of favorite people, George Harrison, who was himself an avid gardener.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Queen met George Harrison’s widow Olivia as she explored the Chelsea Flower Show.

She stopped to admire a garden designed in memory of the former Beatle which tells a story of his life.

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Chelsea Flower Show to feature garden for Beatle George Harrison.

George Harrison would be so proud of this.  I can picture George enjoying this honor and homage moreso than receiving a Grammy award.  We all know how much he appreciated his gardening and flowers.  I can see George beaming with this honor.

It’s especially amazing how they are representing his life through the use of flowers and color.  Nice. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Chelsea flower show is to feature a garden dedicated to George Harrison, the late Beatle.

It is co-designed by his widow Olivia and depicts Harrison’s life in four stages – childhood, shown by a vegetable plot and a bike in rough grass; a Beatles and 1960s area; and representations of his older self and spiritual life.

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