Dhani Harrison set to hit Coachella.

Not only will Paul McCartney be playing Coachella, but George Harrison’s son Dhani will be playing Coachella with his band thenewno2.

Get more info about thenewno2 at Dhani Harrison’s offcial website, and also thenewno2′s Myspace page.

Tickets for Coachella are on sale now and can be purchased through the festival’s website or Ticketmaster.

Paul signs up for a role in Shrek 4.

Paul is adding a new movie to his own personal filmography.  We all know that Mike Meyers is a HUGE Beatles fan, and it must be a great kick for him to be working with the Beatle legend. 
Sir Paul will be getting into the frey on the next Shrek movie.  I wonder what type of character our beloved Paulie will be tackling in the latest animated adventure.  Whoever Paul lends his voice to, I’m sure it’ll be a fun ride. Maybe he’ll post a new track on the next Shrek soundtrack too.
New ogre ... Macca

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney isn’t shy of getting involved in animated adventures – who could forget The Frog Chorus?

The Beatles great has signed up for a voiceover role in Shrek 4.

His old Frog Chorus co-star RUPERT THE BEAR will be jealous when he finds out.

Macca joins the list of huge stars involved in the ogre franchise – including CAMERON DIAZ and ANTONIO BANDERAS.

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McCartney: No More Lonely Nights.

Can Paul McCartney stay single folks?  Apparenty not as it seems.  Paul’s latest girlfriend is moving into the estate.  I find it a little hard to believe that after such a nasty and public divorce that Paul would get into another long-term relationship.  It’s pretty amazing  if you think about it.


I’m just glad that Paul’s family has given him their blessing with this relationship.

What are your thoughts on Paul and Nancy’s romance?  Let us know in the poll and comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY’s new love NANCY SHEVELL has moved in with the BEATLES legend – five months after his divorce from HEATHER MILLS.

Superstar Macca sought the blessing of BEATRICE, his four-year-old daughter by Mills, before asking Nancy to live at the sprawling Peasmarsh estate.

American heiress Nancy, 47, had begun spending nearly every weekend at the secluded East Sussex home, bought by Macca as a wedding gift for first wife LINDA in 1969.

But last week the No More Lonely Nights singer asked her to make the move permanent.

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Philip Norman defends new Lennon book, and Sean Lennon speaks about father.

Folks, so sorry for the lack of updates this last week.  Things have been very hectic in the real world and the blog has suffered a bit. 

It’s been interesting following the stories surrounding the upcoming blockbuster book about our faled Beatle leader, John Lennon.  The book is filled with many small stories in the life of John that we have heard glimpses of before (John lusting after his mom was first heard in the Lost Lennon Tapes radio series), and those that we have not heard about previously (John playing for the “other team” with noneother than Paul McCartney).  These sordid tales have created lots of opinion and talk on the web about the validity of Philip Norman’s upcoming book, but perhaps that just makes for good publicity.  We’ll have to see once the book comes out.

On of the most intersting pieces in the book for me, is the afterward with Sean Lennon.  In a recent article at the Huffington Post, Sean describes life at the Dakota during John’s house-husband period.  It’s hard to relive this time period through Sean’s description.  We get a portrait of his childhood, and it is told almost through the filter of a 5-year old.  It’s all the more tragic knowing the result. 

I find it fascinating that Sean is choosing now to speak about his father.  It must have been very difficult, and I think the world is much better for getting to know John in a much more intimate way.  I just find it a little strange that Yoko would allow Sean to comment on a book, that she once approved of, and has since claimed is unauthorized. 

For now, though, Norman has defended his claims on the book.  Read some of his defenses below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Noted rock author Phillip Norman is amazed that Yoko Ono has disapproved of his upcoming 800-page biography on John Lennon: The Life, calling the book “too mean” to Lennon’s memory. As with Norman’s 1981 book, Shout! The Beatles In Their Generation, Yoko worked closely with Norman, and only after reading the finished manuscript has she disowned the project.

Norman, who is among the most revered of rock authors, can’t believe that Ono is upset over the book contents, when it was the late Beatles’widow who supplied so much of the revealing content: “In the end, it was the spirit of the book, I think, that she didn’t like. And it was surprising to me, because the book was written in the way that I’d always written about John (which was) through Yoko talking to me, which is always in this very loving but kind of exasperated sort kind of tone: ‘Oh that was so John’kind of thing — so I was astonished when she just seemed to dislike it in such totality, but I do hope that she’s going to change that view.”

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Dhani Harrison’s band show to be streamed tomorrow over myspace.

Fresh off releasing their new CD, Dhani Harrison and his band of wonderful musicians will be hosting a free video streaming event from their myspace page tomorrow.  Exciting news indeed folks!  I certainly hope that one of our web savy readers out there can capture this and get it onto a DVD.

Here’s what we’ve read.

TUNE IN ON TUESDAY NIGHT FOR STREAMING VIDEO OF THENEWNO2 LIVE FROM THE KEY CLUB…. stickcam thenewno2 just plug that in to your search engine, sign in and view thenewno2, crazy tuesday….. see you there !

Source: http://myspace.com/thenewno2

Paul McCartney returns to England to see grandchild.

That’s Paul’s grandfather…he’s very clean.

Okay, that may not be Paul’s grandfather, Paul is a grandfather himself, again.  Paul had taken a break from his cross-country United States trip to see his newborn grandchild.  This family trip is a little bit different this time though.

Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell

Paul has his new girlfriend, Nancy Shevell, in tow to meet the entire family.  It’s a little hard to shake off that image now that things aren’t that serious.  If you’re going home to meet the family, then things must be a little more than serious.  I just hope he plays things cautiously with his new love Nancy.  Take it slow Paul.  But, at the same token, it’s good to see that he’s having fun and in love…just be carfeul.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney has taken his new lover to meet his sixth grandchild.

The 66-year-old musician has been on a US road trip with girlfriend Nancy Shevell but decided to fly back to England early after his eldest daughter Mary, 38, gave birth to her third child.

A source told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Paul is over the moon and couldn’t wait to jump on a plane.

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A new Starr is born: Ringo’s granddaughter takes to the stage

It looks like the extended Beatle family can add another performing member to its roster.  This is the first Beatle grandchild to be performing on the rock and roll stage.  It’s good to see Beatle babies keeping the family business alive, so to speak.

Maybe Tatia can jam with dad Zak and granpa Ringo in the near future.  I wonder what family get togethers are like in their house.  I can just imagine everyone huddled around their instruments and all breaking into song.  Cool. 

Zak's daughter Tatia Starkey lights up the stage

I love the leopard pants by the way.

Here’s what we’ve read.

She crashed out the guitar chords like a born rocker.

And with Ringo Starr for a grandfather, that’s exactly what Tatia Starkey is.

This is Ringo’s 22-year-old granddaughter pictured for the first time on stage playing bass in her fledgling band, Belakiss.

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Reports say McCartney may marry new girlfriend.

Could Paul McCartney be getting on bended knee soon for his new girlfriend.  I mean, he is the world’s most elgigble bachelor at this point, right? 

It seems that our dear boy cannot be alone.  You’d think that he’d want some time to himself after what was a bitter, bitter, and costly divorce from Heather Mills.  We know that this news report is from a bit of a tabloid-ish source, but we thought you’d want to stay informed about the “cute” Beatles’ love life.  We’ll keep you posted.

Let’s just hope that if Paul does get remarried again that this time around he signs a prenuptial agreement.

Paul McCartney and Nancy in Texas

Photo Source: UK MIrror  (Checkout their article for more information on Paul’s love life and recent roadtrip across America.)

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney is thinking about marrying Hamptonite Nancy Shevell, the British tabloid News of the World reported yesterday.

McCartney, 65, and Shevell, 47, were photographed kissing outside an Amagansett sushi restaurant in November and are on a road trip on Route 66, according to several published reports.

Shevell, a board member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, is legally separated from Bruce Blakeman, a Port Authority commissioner and former presiding officer of the Nassau County Legislature.

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New Dhani Harrison album will be available on iTunes.

Dhani Harrison’s upcoming full-length album with his group thenewno2 will be available on iTunes on August 1st.

We have heard several tracks on their official myspace page, and there are bits of a lot going on in there.  There are nods to the slide playing of Dhani’s late father, with a rock beat, and even some New Wave-ish sounds as well.  It’s a brilliant mish-mash of sounds that is completely fresh and new.  So far, we have loved every bit that we have heard.  We cannot wait for the album!

Also, Dhani and his magnificent band will be making a series of free live appearances in the near future in the Los Angeles area.  Maybe this is a pre-cursor to a club tour.  We will keep you posted.

Sep 2 2008 9:00A
Key Club Los Angeles, California
Sep 9 2008 9:00A
Key Club Los Angeles, California
Sep 16 2008 9:00A
Key Club Los Angeles, California
Sep 23 2008 9:00A
Key Club Los Angeles, California
Sep 30 2008 9:00A
Key Club Los Angeles, California

My Secret Life: Mary McCartney

It looks like almost all of the Beatle children are productive, and creative members of society.  You don’t often hear about all of them.  Most of them, particularly the McCartney kids, keep a very low-profile, except for Stella.  It looks like all of the Beatle offspring have really come into their own as adults.  It’s very refreshing to see celebrities, and their children being able to hold things together and keep a level head, and still maintain a high level of creativity.

Nice.  Truthfully, we did not know that much about Mary McCartney.  It’s nice to see that she’s so passionate about photography.  Her mother would be so proud.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The house/flat I grew up in… was quite busy and fun and always full of life. I have fond memories of a lot of noise and hectic goings-on.

When I was a child I wanted to be… my grandmother was a maternity nurse and I had romantic notions of following in her path, until I had to have my tonsils out and realised how much hard work is involved. I have a tremendous respect for nurses but it’s not my chosen path.

The moment that changed me for ever… in my late teens and early twenties I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Then I worked with my mum (the photographer Linda McCartney on her archives and contact sheets. This made me realised I wanted to do that as well.

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